You’ve been thinking about building a custom home for years.

The idea is certainly appealing, isn’t it? Once you get the bug, it’s hard to put aside. Imagine living in a home custom designed with space and features that will accommodate your taste and lifestyle to a Tee. Imagine having a specific place for everything & everything being in its place.

One benefit of working with a design/build company like Brick Work Construction Ltd. is that the most knowledgeable person involved with the design of your home is fully responsible for completing the work of building it.

Brick Work Construction Ltd. offers a different building experience than other building companies

You are assured of direct and clear communication by having one person, the project manager, guide you through the building process, handling all phases of construction including design, specifications, production and quality control.

Specializing In Building
Traditional and Contemporary Style Homes in London

We look forward to evaluating your needs and helping you determine the best plan for building your new home. It is our mission to take the worry out of building your dream home and to make your home purchase a rewarding and exciting one-stop event.

Building a new home on your land is going to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime, and we’re thrilled that you’re considering Brick Work Construction Ltd. to be your home builder of choice.

Whether we’re building your brand new home or improving a home you already love, you can be assured that our homes consistently exceeds all expectations.

We specialize in projects including:

  • Brick-laying
  • Interior design
  • Loft conversions
  • Renovations
  • Custom building from your plans and desires
  • High quality, move-in ready homes
  • Liability insurance on all projects
  • Home design development
  • Professional project management
  • State of the art building practices
  • Experience from 15 years residential and commercial projects, interiors and exteriors

Ventilation systems

Mold infestation can become a serious problem if not tended to properly. With damp weather, areas in the house can grow stagnant and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Some forms of mold are unnoticeable until they’ve already caused breathing, allergy and other health problems. With areas that are not vented or in houses with old ventilation systems, a new system installation can eliminate problems in just a couple weeks. Please ask us about this featured service; we’re happy to tell you our experience and provide information for you to address your concerns.


Crumbling mortar joints in old brickwork allow moister to penetrate the wall. Moisture penetration can lead to weakened structures, mold, leaks and rapid deterioration. Due to years of experience with replacing old brick jointing, we can efficiently and properly help you with making this improvement on your house to prevent excessive damage.

Regular communication assures your concerns are addressed. This also allows for modifications during construction giving you more control of the final product. In turn, this level of service delivers the house you desire and a home you will be proud to own. We look forward to collaborating with you to create and build a home that meets your unique style, life & budget.