BrickWork Construction Ltd, is a construction firm headquartered in London.

Using our “custom build” approach with residential construction saves you, the client, time and money. Because we are comfortable with custom work and have experience with interiors, exteriors, planning and designing, we can handle jobs that other companies might sub-contract. This avoids the problems often encountered when building a home using a separate contractor, architect and interior designer. This custom build approach provides a single source of responsibility and accountability and a direct line of communication.

Our approach also allows for coordinating your budget with the materials and specifications so there are no unwelcome and expensive surprises to lessen the joy of watching your dream unfold.

With our extensive knowledge of construction, and on-site experience, we are able to design a home that is not only assured to come within budget, but also to harmonize with the surrounding landscape and the desires of you, the homeowner.

Throughout the entire construction phase, the project is overseen by our expert project manager, familiar with design and architecture, which gives the added assurance that the project is being constructed as the design intended.

There are several ways in which we like to cater to our clients’ desires. We try to keep in mind the time frame, the cost and the future maintenance requirements in order to be honest with you as we work together. We also like to be in clear communication so you feel confident about what we are doing for you.